Christel Dauwe Collection : Christmas decoration /Christel


I am one of the few people alive who can say “I am a Christmas Ornament” .

One day my husband said to me “One day you will become a christmas ornament!!” and we both laught some time later we visited one of the ornament factories which whom we work together very closely. During the negations the employees were taking pictures and I(christel) was vey annoyed. A few months later their delivery came and imagine my surprise to see this ornament in the shipment. My husband who was in on this could not hide is pride and hence that moment I can sing along with “Bert and Ernie” of sassy street who have a song that is named “I am a chirstmas ornament”.

Don’t believe me ? Come and visit me in my shop and then you can see for your self.


Weight ,8 kg
Dimensions 13,5 cm