Christel Dauwe Collection : christmas decoration Goat rider


We try to put Belgian Folkore in our Christel Dauwe Collection to celebrate our local past in the Christmas tree and maybe educate some tourists on fun facts about our regions.  These Goad riders where active in “Land van Herve” and “Limburg” (now part Belgium and part Nederland)

The “Goatriders” in dutch : de Bokkenrijders.

The were a group of villains who robbed and murdered in the 18°century their main victims were lonely farms.  With some standing (you can not rob the poor). The were relentless and very dangerous.  The simple people were so afraid of these man that their imagination got the best of them. The appeared out of no where so they started telling story that the road gots through the sky. And you know how it goes with stories they grow each time somebody tells it.

Many of the villains escaped the law. In the 19° century  a group of romantics gave the goat riders a “Robin Hood” atmosphere. Which they really did not deserve. What if they really road the goats through the skies etc.

Unfortunately they were real villains but they left us some interesting drawings and stories of which we made this “Goat rider” as part of our official regional heritage.






Weight ,5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 13 cm