Christel Dauwe Collection : christmas decorations : candy canes with bow


Many of my friends say a candy cane for christmas is so American. Is it really ?

To me it certainly feels very christmassy but to be from the Us, i really don’t know the orgines form this delightful candy, whenever i see a real one i just need to have it and eat it at the spot. I really have sugar cravings and no better way to cure those then with the classic candy cane.

I love them in the christmas tree as well but there I prefer them to be of glass, otherwise I would eat one every time i walked by the christmas tree, I migth even start walking by the tree on purpose.

I also find the candy cane garland very cute and a real asset in my collection of ornaments.

Weight ,3 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3,5 × 10,5 cm