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This Unesco protected Horse of Dendermonde.  I is the main character in a 10-yearly parade through the streets of Dendermonde. the legend of this horse dates back to Carl the 5th.

in Dendermonde there was a Lord who would not bent the knee to Charles the 5th. He had 4 Sons and with the help of this mighty horse they could survive the siege of the town. the horse was so big and strong that it was in fact unbeatable, after very vivid and long struggles. The family had to subdue and Charles the 5th ordered the horse to be drowned. The officials  were not able to drown the horse until the eldest son of this local lord turned his head and the horse new he had lost the love of his rider. Then they pulled him down one more time and the horse simply gave up. Charles the 5th ruled the concurred town of Dendermonde and the legend began.

Nowadays people are still proud of their horse and honor the legend by a mighty parade with 1200 participants.All in perfect outfits and celebrations throughout the town

A must-have for everybody who loves legends and traditions.

The horse of Dendermonde  – See also the Giants of Dendermonde and the Knaptand who are part of this parade. there are many posts on YouTube you can view  about this parade in his full glory


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